We natives use the variants of the word FANCY all the time. Look at my examples, learn them by heart and speak like a native

1) Fancy – like someone a lot / desire someone
– John, I think that girl over there fancies you because she keeps staring at you!
– Look Grazelda, I really really fancy you. Wanna go on a date to Burger King?
– Yeah, I suppose I fancy you a little bit so please have a shower now!

2) Fancy – want to have / would like
– What do you fancy doing tonight? Watching a film or throwing stones at people?
– So which film do you fancy? Nemo or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
– Oh so much to choose from in this menu. I think I might fancy a glass of air.

3) Expression of surprise (a bit old fashioned)
– Wow, fancy seeing you here! (I didn’t expect to see you here)
– Well, fancy that! John is a woman! (I didn’t expect John to be a woman)
– Fancy meeting Dima Bilan here in Diksi! (I didn’t expect to see him here)

4) Fancy yourself: to have a high opinion of oneself in some area.
– John really fancies himself as a curling master (he thinks he’s good at it)
– That guy really fancies himself! (Thinks he is amazing)
– So you fancy yourself at a game of chess! Let’s play then, mum!!!! (she thinks she is awesome at chess)

5) To regard someone/smth as a likely winner
– I fancy Arsenal to win the championship next season!
– John swimming against a shark? I don’t fancy his chances! (common collocation: i think he has little chance)

6) ADJECTIVE: elaborate, sophisticated, high quality
– Wow, look at you Mr Fancy Pants dressed up in a nice suit!
– Yeah, we stayed in some really fancy hotel in Kefir near Antalya.
– I blew 100 pounds on some fancy meal at a Jamie Oliver restaurant. One octopus testicle on a bed of peacock vomit. Worth the money!

7) Fixed expressions:
a) Take/catch someone’s fancy = to appeal to someone
– My wife, look at all these Audi cars. If one takes your fancy, I’ll buy it! But it must be cheap!
– Paul, I like kissing hamsters and throwing shit at my neighbours windows. – Ok, John, whatever takes your fancy! (common expression: do what you want, I don’t really care)

b) Tickles your fancy (same as above, more informal)
– I want to start learning Mongolian Hip-Hop.- Ok baby, whatever tickles your fancy! (do whatever you want)

c) Take a fancy to someone = to become fond of someone (common)
– Oh I think Sarah has taken quite a fancy to you. Maybe because you have just won the lottery!

That’s enough for now my friends)

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  1. I love this expression, but I was convinced it’s an old-fashioned one. So, thanks!

  2. Might not “tickle everyone’s fancy”…but this song was the first thing I thought of while reading this post))

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